Anthroposophic Therapies:

Biographical Counselling

Guenter Zimmermann; Tuesday, Thursday Evenings &  Saturday mornings.


Eurythmy, Therapeutic

Michelle Nicholls; available as required


Hydrotherapy (Jungebad Oil Dispersion Method)

Teresa Harkin ; Thursday

Nursing care

Teresa Harkin and Johanna Schafer ;  Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, & Friday, 2 in 4 Sat am

Prescriber and Naturopathy

Irmhild Kleinhenz; Monday, Friday & Saturday am
Nicole Vuillermin;  Saturday mornings


Rhythmical Body Oiling

Teresa Harkin and Johanna SchaferTuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, 2 in 4 Sat am


Rhythmical Massage

Sandy Mann; Thursday & Friday, 4th Saturday in the month


Remedial Massage

Phoenix Macgregor-Scholes Heiss;  Monday, Tuesday, 2nd Saturday in the month


Speech Therapy

Katherine Rudolf; as required


Complimentary Mainstream Therapies:

Art Therapy (Art psychotherapy and Hauschka Artistic Therapy)

Robyn Pollock; available as required


Counselling (Person Centred, Solution Focussed and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy)

Guenter Zimmermann; Sat morning and weeknights as required from 7:30 pm to 10 pm


Meditation Group

Bob Sharples; Thursdays fortnightly



Heather Cock;  Tuesday, Thursday & alternate Friday
Johanna SchaferMonday, Wednesday & alternate Friday
Christina Fraval; Wednesday & Saturday mornings


Bob Sharples; Thursdays


Zen Acupuncture (Japanese Non Needle Insertion)

Michael Hook; Saturday morning

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