Michael Hook

Michael is currently not taking bookings and is on extended sabbatical leave.

Michael uses a particularly gentle and at the same time powerful form of acupuncture. Toyo Hari is a system of acupuncture developed in Japan and based on traditional practices which came from China over fifteen hundred years ago.

Michael has 15 years of clinical experience as an acupuncturist. Over the last 12 years, as he became increasingly interested in Japanese styles of acupuncture, Michael travelled to England and then to Japan where he spent a year studying Toyo Hari, an extremely subtle and effective form of acupuncture. Michael returns to Japan each year for further training and also translates for visits to Australia and New Zealand by his Japanese teachers. Toyo Hari acupuncture uses a variety of techniques to strengthen the constitution and assist the body to overcome many conditions. These can include physical pain, stiffness and inflammation, conditions such as post viral syndrome and sinusitis, and emotional conditions such as anxiety, stress and poor sleep. Toyo Hari uses techniques appropriate to the condition of the individual to maximise the ability of the body to respond to treatment and bring about healing. For babies, children and very sensitive or exhausted patients it is appropriate to use more gentle techniques which do not involve the use of needles.

The emphasis of this form of acupuncture is on patient comfort in order to assist healing. And so, contrary to how most people think of acupuncture, Toyo Hari acupuncture treatments are actually extremely relaxing!

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