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The Melbourne Therapy Centre

The Melbourne Therapy Centre is a centre of integration for complementary medicine and therapies that promote healing of the body, mind and soul.

The Centre was founded in 1986 to provide therapies for people looking for alternative health modalities. The therapies are based upon the anthroposophic medical indications proposed in Switzerland by Dr. Rudolf Steiner (Ph.D. 1861-1925) and developed by Dr. Ita Wegman (Dutch Physician 1876-1943). Our medical practitioners integrate complementary medicine with conventional medical practice.

Introducing the Centre – Looking towards a Clinic

Passage from an article written by Maxine Hewitt in the original 1982 newsletter

“As I walk to a more open part of the Clinic I see a patient at painting class and somewhere close by others are making music together. In the kitchen, two patients, who are almost ready for home, assist in the preparation of their own meal. In a small court yard, warm, quiet and secure, a patient has only recently gained some strength, sits and reads a book taken from the Clinic’s reading room. Here and there in the grounds, staff, patients and family members tend the garden unhurriedly. Down the drive I see a small group of young children, coming to bring live music to the Clinic.

In a small self-contained flat, a patient’s family at the end of a short stay, gather up their belongings and wait for the family member who is consulting with a doctor in the working part of the Clinic.

I can tell that the Clinic provides a sharing between staff at every level, patients, their families and friends. Patients can approach their illness in their own way with the support of expert and loving care. Many will come and go from here during their years of illness, thinking of the Clinic as a source of help when it is needed”

Membership of the Association

This is a way for those who want to support the Centre in a tangible way to contribute to the Centre’s overall care and future planning.

Membership of the Association entitles you to vote at the AGM on various aspects affecting the Centre.

Please go to MTC Association Page or call the Centre for further information.


  • We value our patients by treating them as individuals, meeting their needs and providing a “patient centred” organisation
  • We value ethical practice by being professional and taking responsibility for our actions
  • We value providing the best service we can by working as a synergised team, encouraging and supporting each other.
  • We value Rudolf Steiner’s Anthroposophy through its indications for practical life.
  • We value communication by being transparent, open and honest.
  • We value our physical environment by creating buildings and grounds that are in harmony with the patient’s needs and balance art and function within the environment.
  • We value positive financial stability by managing the organisation in a professional business like manner.
  • We value our friends and supporters by acknowledging their support
  • We value our practitioners and staff by acknowledging each persons work and contribution to the operation and ideals of the centre.
  • We value our committee of management by showing understanding, support and commitment to the ideals of the centre.
  • We value our suppliers of natural remedies by establishing long term business relationships
  • We value empowering people to be in charge of managing their illness by providing education, information by developing healing skills.

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