The first meeting of the Association of the MTC, then called Melbourne Therapy Centre for Cancer and Other Patients, was held on 24th April 1982. At this stage the primary aim of the Association and of its Committee of Management was to raise funds to establish a Therapy Centre to provide the therapies necessary to support people undergoing treatment for serious diseases.

The inspiration for the Centre came from a single question by Anne Hapke, who was looking for somewhere to treat her cancer, “Where would you go if you had to have a short stay in hospital?” Her question was taken up by Maxene Hewitt and with Joan Salter’s help she established the formation of the Centre’s Association and its Committee of Management.

Fund raising began in a small way with cake stalls, market stalls, Try and Buy clothing events. We also had concerts, lectures and craft groups as people generously donated their time and energy to help build our Centre. Donations and membership fees added to the growing bank balance.

The first big event was a fair at Wyrena, Croydon, in April 1983; and at the end of that year more than $11,000 was in the bank. There were many smaller fundraising events in the following year and on 1st May 1984 the bank balance stood at $24,700.

The decision was made to purchase the property at 34 Quamby Road, which was finalised on 12th July 1984. Due to difficulties in establishing a Therapy Centre in that road, this property was sold two years later. With the proceeds from this sale, 221 Wonga Road Warranwood was purchased outright on 23rd May 1986.

This made it possible to begin the work of a Therapy Centre. The first doctor at the Centre was Dr. Shirley May. She was later joined by Dr. Michael Glasby. Dr Paulo Moraes joined the Centre in 1993. With a small band of dedicated therapists, the Centre was able to offer Curative Eurythmy, Rhythmical Massage, nursing care and Art Therapy as well as sensitive and caring medical practitioners.

As you can see, from small beginnings, much has grown. Maxene Hewitt asked, “Where would I go where there was fresh air, sunshine, flowers, where there were places to walk, to sit beneath the trees – where I could breathe in the life of the earth……?

“To bring such a place into being is our aim” This was written in the first newsletter in September 1982.

Such a place now exists and we are very grateful to those pioneers from the early years and those who came later to help it along to where we are now. The Centre has grown considerably and many, many people are finding there way here as the Centre’s reputation is growing as a place of caring and understanding.

We have grown so much, that the Centre had to expand and in May 2007 we opened the new wing and renovated the existing building.

Our future plans include a new arts wing and, one day, accommodation for those who need to come for a course of treatments.

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