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Melbourne Therapy Centre Association

We are always looking for new Committee members or others to help with the many tasks around the Centre.

If you would like to help in some way, please contact one of the Committee members via the Centre.

President: Judy Dixon
Vice president: Güenter Zimmermann
Treasurer: Bob Ley
Secretary: Mark Jarzebowski
Members: Paulo Moraes, Phoenix Heiss, Arturs Ezergailis

What then is the Idea:

“It is to provide a means to bring together a number of professional therapists, each contributing his or her own specific skill, each working in cooperation with the others. To bring these together in a curative environment, so that they may work as a whole, complimenting each other, requires a properly and professionally set up therapy centre.”

Extracted from an article written by Joan Salter (former President of the MTC and founder of the Gabriel Baby Centre) in the original newsletter referring to a talk given by Maxine Hewitt, talking about the needs of cancer patients

Organisational Structure

The Melbourne Therapy Centre Inc. was formed in 1986 to establish, develop, manage and maintain the Therapy Centre and to make available a wide range of Anthroposophic and allied therapeutic activities for those with cancer and other conditions. It is an incorporated association and operates as a not for profit organisation with a Committee of Management responsible for the organisational operation and legal management. Membership of the committee is on voluntary capacity.

The Association Committee of Management and has four office bearers, President, Vice-President, Treasurer and Secretary with up to six ordinary members.

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