MTC Verse By Maxine Hewitt


My feet move into the earth.

My toes move out like roots and tendrils,

seeking the nurture held in the earth.

My trunk is straight and tall.

My branches and all the growth of my life move

     towards heaven.

My tears blend with the rain,

my eyes are in the light,

and my breath flows with the wind.

My sap rises to expirate

and join with the stream of cosmic growth.

The seed of myself shapes and distils, poised –

ready to burst from its parent plant –

poised to journey forth into the air –

ready to find its place –

to sleep, to draw forth the riches of the soil

     of past life –

waiting to explode into new life when the time

     is ripe.

And where is my heart?

It lives in the warmth and the love

     of the eternal sun.

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