The Jungebad (Oil Dispersion Bath) treatments

Hydrotherapy at its most refined.

TREATMENTS available Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday

An oil-dispersion unit causes the oil to burst into minute droplets in the water, allowing a high degree of absorption through the skin while in the bath. There is an inner relationship between the oil forming process in the plant and the warmth process in the human. Skin brushing follows a system of movements, which flow, rhythmically on the body aiding circulation and detoxification whilst being relaxing and restorative.

In large parts of modernised society, over the last 30 year, we have seen a tendency toward degeneration of the human warmth organisation.

In general, body temperatures have lowered; the capacity to react with a fever to infections has declined and is often weakened by antipyretic and antibiotic treatments. To maintain the age old wisdom theory, that humans are warm blooded, which is the basis for the soul’s ability to develop humanly; therapies and medicines need to address the above developing coldness.

The hygienic and therapeutic importance of the Oil Dispersion Bath and Brush Massage treatments should be viewed against this background.

The oil dispersion bath therapies are applied to a wide variety of therapeutic needs and in Europe they are used for birthing, all chronic illnesses and emotional issues, and caring for the dying. Thus, the oil dispersion bath treatment along with the brush massage encompasses a wide variety of individual human needs.

Before the appointment

The treatment can take two hours to enable the therapy to have the fullest benefit, so be prepared to set aside this time. It would be good also to choose a time when there is no need to rush off to another appointment afterwards.

Hair and face is included in the treatment and will get wet, so jewellery and makeup is better removed beforehand.

The treatment is undertaken with the patient being unclothed, including underwear, as the whole body is brushed. Most patients find the treatment beneficial after the first moments of being uncomfortable. Please feel free to discuss any concerns you may have, all bathing therapists are professionally trained and will take your concerns seriously.

Prior to bath

Body temperature is taken which determines the bath temperature; this is usually 1?C below the body temperature, but may be the same or slightly above, depending upon the illness being addressed.

The bath water is run through the oil dispersion unit combining the water and oil and enlivening the water.

In the bath

The patient steps into the bath and lies quietly by themselves for 10 minutes.

Using two soft brushes, the whole body is brushed, from feet to head, front to back.

The brushing assist the oil be absorbed into the body more effectively.

After the brushing there is a rest for a few minutes in the water.

After the bath

The patient steps out of the bath and, without drying, is wrapped in a cotton flannelette sheet they then lie down on the bed, and are very warmly wrapped in blankets. No hot water bottles are used as the aim is to stimulate the body’s own warmth process.

This warming process will take at least half an hour and they need to be completely warm to hot before they are unwrapped. The aim is to allow the patient to raise their own body temperature but without sweating. If sweating, the patient can loosen the blankets to cool the body. A minimum of 30 minutes rest is part of the treatment, more is better than less.

A series of seven weekly treatments is recommended to be of benefit, but may be fewer or more, depending on the condition being treated.

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