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Rhythmical Body Oiling

This works with light touch rather than deep massage using warmth and rhythm with the application of specific oils. Where there are tired life forces, it invigorates, balances, restores energy and especially supports the bodies healing process.


External application can be applied to specific areas of the body to assist with various health problems. From the elderly to the very young positive results can be achieved. The Health Care Therapist uses a wide range of natural substances in the form of infusion, oils and ointments.


The rhythmic, flowing, cleansing nature of water has always been associated with healing and regeneration. Hydrotherapy includes footbaths, movement baths, and oil-dispersion baths. Natural substances may be added such as infusions, sulphur, salt and bath milks.

Hydrotherapy, Jungebad Oil Dispersion Bath – (see Baths for more information)

An oil-dispersion unit causes the oil to burst into minute droplets in the water, allowing a high degree of absorption through the skin while in the bath. There is an inner relationship between the oil forming process in the plant and the warmth process in the human. Skin brushing follows a system of movements, which flow, rhythmically on the body aiding circulation and detoxification whilst being relaxing and restorative.

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