Irmhild Kleinhenz


Friday 9am – 4pm

Saturday mornings 9am – 12noon

Post Graduate Diploma of Applied Science, Integrative Medicine.
Mentor and Tutor for professional prescribers.
School Health Consultant working with healthy childhood development and preventative health strategies.
Facilitator for Anthroposophic medicine study group and IPMT

Irmhild uses a unique approach to these modalities, working out of the impulse of Anthroposophic philosophy, which considers the three fold nature of the human being in terms of physical, emotional and spiritual health.

She also works as a School Health Consultant for various Steiner Schools in Australia, working in collaboration with teachers, specialists, therapists and parents to promote the healthy physical, emotional and mental development of children.

Irmhild holds regular Workshops and Lectures on many different themes associated with Health and Contemporary world issues on ecology and sustainable lifestyles.

Professional training is also given for professionals interested in prescribing Anthroposophic Medicines and developing a deeper relationship to the Paracelsian and Rosicrucian path of healing.


The Anthroposophical approach to potentizing uses a rhythmical rocking motion that is aligned with the natural biorhythms of the human body and the universal cosmic rhythms that influence the earth. Preparation of metals, minerals, animal and plant substances is based upon the ancient wisdom of alchemy but brought into a new understanding of contemporary science through ongoing research. The healing substances are combined like a musical composition, where each tone and interval is integral to creating a harmonious effect. The remedy then “resonates” with the internal milieu of the human body to provide the healing impulses that overcome illness and stimulate immunity.

Herbal medicine

Biodynamically grown and wild harvested herbs are used in making Anthroposophic medicines. Fresh plant tinctures are made from herbs that are picked at the right time of the year and at the right time of the day to ensure that their vitality is retained. A special area of Anthroposophic herbal medicine is dedicated to the “Doron” remedies, which were developed by Rudolf Steiner. The name means “Gift” and provides a tonic effect to specific organs such as the heart, kidneys, liver, etc. Their indication is to support and nourish the natural functions of these organs and prevent degeneration.

Biodynamic Nutrition

Understanding the healing virtue of biodynamic nutrition is an important asset during different phases of life and during illness. Different foods and ways of preparation need to be understood and implemented as part of a therapeutic plan. Each individual digests and assimilates nutrition differently, according to temperament and constitution. Therefore, nutritional guidelines need to be developed individually for each patient so that the ability to absorb and benefit from food is achieved.

Anthroposophic Medicine

This progressive and common sense approach to healing integrates different aspects of conventional medicine with ancient eastern and western philosophies and homoeopathic principles. It is gaining much recognition in the field of therapeutic medicine, where importance is placed upon effective convalescent care through nursing and other therapeutic modalities that aim to encourage not only physical well-being but also emotional and spiritual health. As a result, the patient suffering from chronic illness can experience dignity and a sense of meaningfulness along with alleviation from distressing symptoms through the support of the therapeutic team and carefully chosen remedies.


Irmhild Kleinhenz believes that Anthroposophic Medicine is so special that it should not be exclusive to those that can afford it. All people who wish to experience its benefits can arrange to pay Irmhild a fee that is within their financial means by discussing this with her personally. With the current climate of economic uncertainty, Irmhild feels that it is important not to lose sight of one’s own health care. It is not actually a matter of just surviving but of really living as effectively as possible to find the resilience needed to overcome stressful situations in everyday life. Choosing the support of the Health Care Team at the Melbourne Therapy Centre is one way to feel a part of a greater sense of wellbeing to achieve this. Irmhild hopes that she can help you on this very important threshold.

Private Health Fund rebates are available for all consultations except telephone or email consultations.
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