Sue Gould

Eurythmy is music and speech made visible with the human body.

Every sound we make has a specific movement of our limbs, for example, when we look at a sunset or anything that fills us with wonder, we open ourselves to the wonder and often say “Ah”. If you experiment with this you will come to the gesture of arms open wide.

In Eurythmy we externalise that movement which is inherent in all of us. When we work curatively with vowels and consonants we bring the body back into a health balance.

The art of Eurythmy was created by Rudolf Steiner in 1912. It develop in 3 directions; as an art form, as an educational practice and as a therapy. It is used in anthroposophic medical work from general practice to institutions such as clinics and homes, either for constitutional tendencies or in the treatment of diseases.

Therapeutic Eurythmy plays an important role in the healing process and is used at the Centre under the guidance of the medical doctor and naturopathic consultant.

By appointment only.

Cost range from $80 – $100 Adult and $30 – $45 children

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