Nicole Vuillermin

Nicole Vuillermin, BHSc Nat, Dip Hom, P Grad Anthroposophic Medicine, ANTA Fellow

Nicole has been an ANTA registered naturopath specialising in naturopathy, herbal medicine, nutrition and homeopathy for over eighteen years. Nicole’s consultations include assessment of emotional and physical body, organ health, phase of life, immune status, health history and life style. Nicole is currently studying for a Master of Occupational Therapy with the aim to extend her practice into sensory integration and mental health.

Nicole has studied the principles of anthroposophic medicine for the past sixteen years and completed a five year International Post Graduate Medical Training in Anthroposophic Medicine. According to Dr. Rudolf Steiner a thorough observation of the relationship between the nervous system, rhythmic system and metabolism give insight into the health of the whole being. This is combined with the picture of the overall strength of the physical body and sense of self in the world.

Nicole specialises in digestive disorders, allergies and behavioral problems associated with gastrointestinal health. Nicole aims to support the gastro intestinal mucosa, digestive enzymes and the micro-biota (bowel flora) of the intestines with natural food and anthroposophic remedies when ever possible. Nicole has an in-depth understanding of many diets including an anthroposophic approach to nutrition, FODMAPs, Gawler, GAPs, Western Price and Paleo.

Nicole uses classical homeopathic remedies to provide constitutional and psychological support for symptoms specific to each individual. Nicole finds her classical homeopathic training particularly useful when working with deep emotional issues such as grief or anger and difficult ailments that are unresponsive to other therapies.

Nicole incorporates her extensive training in classical homeopathy, nutrition and herbal medicine into her selection of anthroposophic and nutraceutical remedies. Anthroposophic medicine frequently involves a multi modality team approach where each practitioner works with a similar cohesive theoretical understanding of the client. Anthroposophic remedies are made from substances grown and prepared according to biodynamic principles. Anthroposophic medicine provides a consistent quality of care and intention from the farmer through the pharmacist and therapist.


Nicole is passionate about client centered care and social equity and has an income based fee structure, for further details please email

Some of the ailments that may benefit from naturopathy:

Acne; Allergies; Anxiety; Asthma; Behavioral problems (gut or allergy related); Blood sugar levels; Cancer; Candida, Cardiovascular health; CFS, Chronic respiratory infections (ears, nose, throat, lungs); Colic; Crones disease; Constipation; Dermatitis; Detoxification; Diabetes; Digestive problems; Diarrhea (chronic); Eczema; Fructose malabsorption; General first aid (homoeopathic); Gluten intolerance; Grief; Gut problems; GORD; IBS; Indigestion; Kidney infections (chronic); Liver congestion; Menopausal symptoms; Metabolic disorders; Painful periods; PMS; Psoriasis; Reflux; Sleep problems; Thyroid; Travel first aid (homoeopathic); Weight management.

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