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Art Therapy Groups for Adults

Art therapy groups for adults offer participants an opportunity for personal growth and artistic nourishment through the use of art making using a variety of materials and methods in an environment of safety:

What is Art Therapy?

Art Therapy is a method of treatment that uses the clients art or expressive piece as the point of engagement between client and therapist. Through its unique language and the process of making it, art involves the client in a different way and can help them find new meaning, understanding and reestablish a connection to themselves and life. Art therapy can help reveal psychological dynamics that may be compromising the clients health and vitality.

In a session a trained art therapist makes a variety of art materials available to the client and may sometimes encourage the use of other ways to express, such as writing or narrative, body gesture or role playing. Art or Arts therapy can help the client towards an integrated sense of self by assisting in the process of self reflection and insight, emotional expression and release, of resolving inner conflicts, traumatic experiences and unhelpful life patterns.

Private sessions for adults are approximately an hours duration. Education and counselling may be part of a session. Art Therapy is also conducted in groups as therapy or educational workshops.

Who can benefit from Art Therapy?

Art Therapy is for anyone who has a medical condition or diagnosis; for anyone suffering anxiety, symptoms of stress, depression or low self esteem. Art Therapy can assist those in difficult circumstances or personal crisis to help towards a deeper understanding of themselves and their situation. Art Therapy is for anyone desiring inner nourishment, personal growth or to reconnect with self and life. Art Therapy is suitable for children, teenagers and adults of any age. Art Therapy is particularly useful for children and adults who have difficulty expressing themselves in words.

Children and Art Therapy

Art Therapy is a wonderful form of intervention for children. They can often process and sort through their issues as they create and express. Children often accompany their art-making with dialogue which can become an important engagement between therapist and child. The therapist may create stories that reflect the child’s concerns or difficulties in a non confronting way that helps protect the child from feelings of shame, embarrassment or trauma, that talking directly about the issue may cause. Stories can help lead the child towards managing their own solutions and changes.

Art therapy can also be tailored to strengthen constitutional weaknesses and improve a child’s general vitality. Art Therapy can help improve a child’s confidence and social engagement or help them to process and move on from a traumatic event that may be affecting their health, development and behaviour. Art therapy can assist the child who always complains of headaches or tummy pains that appear to have no physical basis and that resist other treatments.

Art Therapy has successfully assisted in issues of:

  • Family separation
  • Bullying
  • Socializing
  • Low self esteem
  • Poor health and vitality
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Post traumatic stress disorder or traumatic events
  • Psychosomatic illness

Robyn has been involved with Art Therapy since the 1980’s and was amongst the first pioneers of the field in Australia. Robyn trained in the UK in the Hauschka Artistic Therapy method and began her work at the Melbourne Therapy Centre in 1987. Robyn uses a range of approaches to inform her work and develop her methods and holds certificates in Initiatic Art Therapy, Clay Field Therapy, Story Telling and Family Relationships Education. Robyn includes play and healing stories in her work with children and specializes in areas of post trauma, anxiety, depression and psychosomatic illness.

Robyn offers Art Therapies and Trauma healing for medical conditions, medical trauma, early life trauma, life crisis, mental health for adults, children and teens including family systems approaches and parent support.

Robyn is Professionally Registered as an Arts Psychotherapist with ANZACATA (the Australian, New Zealand and Asian Creative Arts Therapy Association) and has completed all modules of Somatic Experiencing Training (a body-based method of intervention for trauma healing).

Available for private sessions, $120 per session. Concession rates available.

Online Therapy Sessions, Children: $70 – 20 minutes                                                                                           Adults:      $120 – 1 hour



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