Seneka Bowen

RN RM MCHN  Registered Nurse, Midwife & Maternal Child Health Nurse

Seneka has been providing continuity of care to women as a midwife throughout pregnancy, birth and the postnatal period since 2005.  She brings a deep sense of appreciation for the childbearing year and the gifts that a child brings to the whole family.  She is a mother to three adventurous children, a passionate gardener and lover of nature.

Our Maternal & Child Health Service provides a nurturing and holistic environment, supporting your transition to becoming a new family and your child’s health and development from birth until three and a half years.  Early visits focus on the mother’s physical and emotional health and recovery from the birth, as well as practical ways that you and your family can protect and support your baby’s spiritual, emotional and physical well being.

Space is provided for the whole family to explore their experiences, concerns, role and relationship changes and to discuss evidenced based information on specific parenting issues.  Together we can develop strategies when challenges arise and make necessary referrals to other health professionals.

It is a safe place for learning to nurture your family and for building strong, healthy foundations for your children for life.

Visits within the first seven weeks of life, including the first home visit are covered by Medicare.

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