Therapeutic Eurythmy – Wellness Sessions

Therapeutic  Eurythmy Wellness Sessions
Small groups of 4

Thursday afternoon – $100 for 4 sessions
March 5, 12, 19, 26th @ 2.00pm – 3.00pm
(Wear comfortable clothing – slippers provided)

Life is full of highs and lows – Finding the balance and centering yourself is often a challenge in this fast world of ours. In these sessions you will learn to experience the quiet and inner light that shines within each of us.

Through moving a series of therapeutic exercises you will gain tools to help feel peace of mind, soul joy and healthy body.

Suitable for people who suffer from sleeplessness, anxiety and depression, or for those who want to find a quiet space within.

The course runs for 4 weeks and the exercises if incorporated into your daily rhythm will support and strengthen you for life.


Melbourne Therapy Centre, Warranwood
Contact:  Susan Gould – 0426617254

Crowdfunding Launch Event

On Saturday October 12 at Oak Hall in Warranwood, the Therapy Centre Launched our 6 week crowdfunding campaign with more than 300 friends and supporters that together helped raise just over $40,000!

Thanks to those of you that could make it along to our crowdfunding launch. It would not have been the same special afternoon without all of you there.

We set out on the day aiming to raise between $14,000 and $18,000 – 20 to 25% of our total crowdfunding target of at least $70,000. But in the end we raised $37,400 with about $4,000 of unclaimed Silent Auction prizes – which is more than 50% of the overall goal.

For those of you that couldn’t make it – you can still help the Therapy Centre by donating here!

The afternoon started slowly as small groups of friends of staff, current and former patients, and friends arrived to the beautiful sounds of live music from father and son duo – Damian and Liam Manassa.

But soon the day blossomed into action with our amazing MC – Don Hany launching the silent auction off and inviting the Therapy Centre’s own Natalie Pascoe to give a special Acknowledgement of the Traditional Custodians of the land.

Soon hundreds of people filled the Steiner School’s Oak Hall (next door to the Therapy Centre) with delicious home baked cakes and coffees flowing and the silent auction and raffle taking off.

We had speeches from the Therapy Centre’s President Judy Dixon and an interactive tour and explanation of the planned renovations and expansion by the MTC’s own – Angelo Iezzi.

Then we were blessed with the incredible stringed harmonies of the MRSS Class 7 Orchestra led by Vinnie Ward – which left the packed hall glowing.

Paulo Moraes and Jenny Black acknowledged our incredible supporters and major donors, and the crowdfunding tally bar started to rise.

By the time Don Hany brought the event officially to a close with the crowd being treated to some more incredible sounds from Damian and Liam, the tally had surpassed $35,000 (50% of our final 6 week goal).

To reach our final target of at least $70,000 we still need more support. We currently have about 10 individual fundraisers. But we need more people fundraising if we are going to reach our goal. Can you fundraise for and with the Therapy Centre? Reply yes or contact Oli Moraes at, or leave your details at the Centre’s reception

The most inspiring part of the day was seeing hundreds of people sharing stories, conversation, and laughter about their shared connection to Centre and our community.

It was a special day that those there will never forget.

Thank you for all the incredible generosity and love.

The Therapy Centre is Crowdfunding for more space

Over the next 2-3 years the MTC is building:

  • Extra consulting rooms
  • Expanding our medical/nursing treatment area
  • A new multi-purpose therapy room

How you can support the Centre grow?

To make this happen we need to raise at least $70,000 this year, which is why we’re reaching out to the community.

We launched the campaign on Saturday October 12 next door at Oak Hall where more than 300 friends, patients and staff of the Centre enjoyed homemade cakes and coffee, live music, unveiling of the planned renovations, and an exciting Silent Auction. The event raised over 50% of our final 6 week target – $37,400. But if the Centre is going to reach at least $70,000 then we still need more support.

Your donation, whether it’s big or small, $5 or $500, will be crucial to the success of this important expansion into the Centre’s next stage of development.

Donate here, or contact MTC Reception 9876 3930

Australian Homoeopathic Association Advice On NHMRC’s First Report on Homoeopathy

AHA Bulletin 149             29 August 2019

On 20 August, the National Health & Medical Research Council (NHMRC) finally released its first report on homoeopathy, produced in 2012.

After years of NHMRC’s refusing to release the report and even denying its existence, researchers, decision-makers and the general public can finally see the full draft of the 2012 Homeopathy Review, in which the author concluded that there is “encouraging evidence for the effectiveness of homoeopathy” in five medical conditions.

It is also interesting to note the clarification provided in the introductory cover sheet by NHMRC CEO Prof Anne Kelso, that NHMRC’s second Homeopathy Review published in 2015 “did not conclude that homeopathy was ineffective”, despite claims to that effect in media reports and by anti-homoeopathy campaigners.

The 2012 draft report, The Effectiveness of Homeopathy: an overview review of secondary evidence, which can be viewed here, has been heavily annotated by the NHMRC. It is left to our readers to judge those annotations on their merit and question themselves why the NHMRC considered it necessary to add them.

Rachel Roberts, Chief Executive of the Homeopathy Research Institute (HRI UK) comments, “For over three years NHMRC have refused to release their 2012 draft report on homeopathy, despite Freedom of Information requests and even requests by members of the Australian Senate. To see this document finally seeing the light of day is a major win for transparency and public accountability in research.” The HRI, which has been the AHA’s supporter and co-author of its complaint to the Commonwealth Ombudsman, will carefully scrutinise the report in the coming weeks.

Please go to the Your Health Your Choice Facebook page. HELP SPREAD THE WORD BY LIKING THE POST AND SHARING IT TO YOUR OWN PAGE!

More information can be found on the Your Health Your Choice website at this news link.

Painting Workshop

The Zodiac and the Elements 

Join these two workshops for a glimpse into the colour wisdom and the understandings inherent in painting the Zodiac Colours of Rudolf Steiner in relation to the Zodiac Elements of Fire Earth Air and Water.

For experienced painters as well as those new to watercolour.

Venue: Melbourne Therapy Centre, 221 Wonga Road , Warranwood, Vic. (In the Garden Room)

Dates : Sunday, 22 and 29 September 10 – 12 and 2- 4 pm.

Fees : $100 per workshop, supplies included (discounts available, as well as negotiations with one-half Let’s points)

Refreshments included.

Contact: Katherine Rudolph 0413770020 or MTC 9876 3011 and


Earlier this month ATMS CEO, Charles Wurf and ATMS Director, Christine Pope, headed to Canberra to meet with politicians and lobby on behalf of members and advance the review of the Natural Therapies Rebates.

ATMS are working with the Health Funds and how we’re positioning the return of natural therapies to the rebate by April 2020. With the Review underway ATMS will continue to work collaboratively across therapies and intends to submit appropriate evidence sources to the Panel. With the establishment of the Panel, and assuming sound Terms of Reference with appropriate standards of evidence, ATMS looks forward to a positive review process.

As part of our continuing advocacy on behalf of members, ATMS met with members of the government and the cross bench during our most recent visit to Canberra. The purpose of our meetings is to confirm with government our vital interest in the Review. ATMS continues to advocate that natural therapies should return to their rightful place within the private health insurance system.

Your Health Your Choice

Dear Friends of Anthroposophic and Integrative Medicine and Therapy in Australia

Some of you may be aware of the current proposal from the Medical Board of Australia which would effectively lead to segregating doctors who provide integrative healthcare options for their patients from the main body of practitioners. This move is another in a series of co-ordinated campaigns to restrict access to holistic medical care and healthcare choice.

I received the email below from the group Your Health Your Choice. Because it simplifies the submission process, I am forwarding it on to you so that you can add your voice in response to the proposed changes. Just a note about the newsletter below, all the links take you to the same submission form. Please feel free to forward this email to colleagues and friends so that their voice can also be heard.

Paulo Moraes (Melbourne Therapy Centre)

The Medical Board of Australia (MBA) is proposing changes that threaten you and your family’s access to holistic medical care. The Your Health Your Choice organisation have made it easy for you to act on this important issue via this link. Read on for more details.

What’s this about?

The MBA is proposing new guidelines targeting doctors who integrate ‘complementary medicines and emerging treatments’ into their practice – without consulting them or their patients, or providing any evidence why the current guidelines need changing (e.g. real-world safety concerns).

The MBA is asking for public feedback before it adopts the new guidelines – as by law it has to. If you care about choice in healthcare, we urge you to make a submission (by 30 June 2019)

What’s at stake?

If adopted, the new guidelines could suppress clinical autonomy and see Integrative GP’s faced with restrictions on current treatments they offer that are not considered “conventional”. Restrictions could include doctors’ ability to recommend patients vitamins, minerals, herbal supplements, natural therapies and a range of diagnostic tests. It also opens the door to doctors being targeted by vexatious complaints.

1 in 3 Australian GPs utilise some aspect of complementary medicine within their medical practice, as it offers patients greater choice to access a range of safe and effective integrative treatment options, improving clinical outcomes and reducing medical risk. It could even be argued that this is current conventional medicine.

By framing these treatments as ‘fringe’, the new MBA guidelines also place the regulated traditional medicine professions of chiropractic, osteopathy, Chinese medicine and acupuncture at risk. These changes unnecessarily target patients and health providers.

What you can do – we’ve made it easy:

Let the MBA know you support Option 1 – to maintain the current guidelines as well as why you value a holistic approach to healthcare and support doctors’ right to provide new and innovative approaches, including complementary medicine treatments.

Public pressure recently succeeded in moving Government on health fund rebates for natural therapies. Protect your right to healthcare here too. Give the MBA the feedback it is asking for by sharing your thoughts and experiences via

We will forward your submission to the MBA on your behalf. Thank you for your support.

Sincerely, Your Health Your Choice

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